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Want a great film of your wedding? Want to laugh and have fun in the process? Great, we want that for you too!! Read further to hear what past clients have said, and learn about our process. Be sure to also visit our gallery were you can see examples of our work. Don't see an answer to a question you have - just ask. We are here to assist you in any way we can.

and client praise


Absolutely, positively – without-a-doubt the best videographers!! Do not waste your time looking around with other videographers – David and Kristina make the most beautiful videos. They take their time and get to know you, your likes, your wants and customize a remembrance piece that you will cherish for years and years - Megan and Mike

Client Praise

Having Trinity Wedding Cinema capture our wedding was the best decision that we made when planning for our wedding. I am so happy that we had David and Kristina as our videographers. Their work is so beautiful. They are wonderful people, and are very talented at what they do. - Kristy and Mike

Okay, so I have finally stopped tearing up from watching my video for the billionth time today. I love it. Absolutely love it. The shots were perfect, the music choices were perfect. The quality is absolutely wonderful. They really have nailed the art of cinematography. The tiny touches they include are perfect reminders of that day. 
 They are so wonderful and kind and hilarious.  Go with David and Kristina. You won't be disappointed.-Christine and Jason

There aren’t enough words (or characters) to explain how AMAZING David & Kristina with Trinity Wedding Cinema were on our special day. They captured our most perfect moments and were an absolute pleasure to work with (and so much fun!). We couldn’t imagine our special day without them! - Lauren and Ernie

David and Kristina were the best decision we could have possibly made for videographers. They were able to read the climate of our party and fit right in with our friends and family, EVERYONE loved them! They caught so many tiny yet important details that we had missed as they day flew by so fast.  The biggest thing that impressed me was that they never stopped smiling, truly a magnificent team to have on your wedding day! - Heather and Giles

The First Meeting

The journey begins with your initial inquiry. Reach out to us through our website or contact form, and we'll promptly respond to discuss your vision, date, and specific requirements. We understand that each wedding is unique, and this initial consultation is our opportunity to get to know you better, learn about your preferences, and tailor our services to match your dreams.

Custom crafted films made with you in mind


Booking and Planning

Once you decide to entrust Trinity Wedding Cinema with your special day, we'll guide you through the booking process. Secure your date with us, and we'll start the planning phase. We'll work closely with you to understand the intricacies of your wedding, from the venue details to the key moments you want highlighted in your video. This collaborative planning ensures that our filming approach aligns seamlessly with your vision.

pick me! pick me! pick me!


Capturing Your Wedding

On the big day, relax and enjoy the celebration while we discreetly capture every meaningful moment. As a husband and wife team we bring a unique blend of professionalism and warmth, ensuring that you feel at ease in front of the camera. From the heartfelt vows to the lively dance floor, we'll be there to document the essence of your wedding day. Our goal is to be unobtrusive yet present, preserving the authenticity of your moments.

let the magic begin


from raw footage to finished film


After the celebration, the magic continues in our editing studio. We meticulously review and edit the footage, weaving together a cinematic masterpiece that tells your love story with elegance and emotion. Our editing process includes color correction, audio refinement, and creative touches to ensure a polished and captivating final product. Once complete, your personalized wedding film will be delivered to you, ready to be shared and cherished for a lifetime.

Post Production

The Trinity Experience

At Trinity Wedding Cinema, this four-step process is more than a workflow; it's a commitment to creating a wedding film that reflects the beauty, emotion, and individuality of your love story. From the initial inquiry to the final edited masterpiece, we're dedicated to making your wedding videography experience seamless, personalized, and unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions


We absolutely love to travel! We have had the honor of filming weddings through out most of the south eastern United States as well as the Caribbean and Mexico. Planning a wedding in Alaska? We are game for that too - as long as the wedding is taking place during summer. Kristina does not cope well with sub zero tempatures.


The sooner the better. Most of our clients book 9-12 months in advance. Popular dates in the busier months can book even earlier. Its also important to know that we do limit the number of weddings we book each year. By doing this we are able to offer our couples personalized attention through out the entire process. 

How far in advance should we book?

We want to capture your day in a journalistic manner and so for that reason we limit "our team" to just myself (David) and Kristina. We have found in our experience that two cinematographers is the perfect amount. It enables us to film your day in a way that captures all the natural emotions of the day with out your guest feeling like they stepped on a Hollywood production set. 


The soundtrack to your film is important. We also recognize that it is often personal. So we will work with you to find just the right music to reflect your taste in music but also compliment the moments we captured. One important thing to remember though, is all the music used in your film must be licensed. Its the law, and one which all videographers are obligated to follow.