David & Kristina

We have not only the artistic eye to create custom crafted wedding films, but the years of experience needed to capture those once in a lifetime moments that often occur without warning. Its our goal to create amazing custom wedding day films for each couple. We primarily film weddings in Florida, but we also love to travel and are available for destination weddings. Regardless where the wedding may be taking place our focus is on the couple and their day.

a husband-and-wife filmmaking duo who specialize in custom crafted films for weddings

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Meet Our Team

the tech geek, lover of all things sci-fi


Kristina describes David as your typical goof ball. He enjoys joking around and while his sometimes sarcastic sense humor is lost on some it does not keep him from trying to get people to laugh. Filming weddings is a dream come true. It gives him a sense of satisfaction working and getting to know each couple. As a hopeless romantic weddings represent a perfect creative outlet for him.

Loves her family, God and cake


David describes Kristina as a loving and caring wife. Quick to laugh and when not filming weddings enjoys time with her four children (and David when he isn't watching a sci-fi film). For Kristina filming weddings is not a job, but something she loves. Her favorite moments from weddings tends to be when the bride dances with her father. If you look over at her, chances are you will see a tear or two during this special moment.

lover of treats


Alright so it is unlikely you will see Zeus at your wedding, but he is my editing buddy. He likes to hang out in the studio while the editing magic takes place. He is very receptive to most of my editing decisions only offering a inquisitive head tilt occasionally. 

Car Rides, Roller Coasters, Laughter

Living most of our married life in Florida we have of course spent more than our fair share of time in the various Florida theme parks. This of course has resulted in lots of roller coaster riding, good times and laughter. We don't need a theme park to have fun though. A road trip the mountains sounds like just as much fun(if not more)

(and We love creating amazing wedding films.) 

Roller Coasters

Living in Florida means we have been spoiled by some of nations best theme parks. We usually have at least one annual pass for any given park at any time. We have of course road all the coasters but have favorites. David's is Rock'n Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studio - why? well because Aerosmith is the soundtrack for the attraction.

nothing beats the thrill of a good coaster

Dinner with Friends

Investing in relationships with family and friends is important to us. Does not mean it has to be fancy, but good food plus friends equals a good time. 

share a good meal and share a good time

Appalachian Mountains

Each year we make at least one trip to the mountains of upstate Georgia or North Carolina. David loves the mountains, Kristina loves the waterfalls and Zeus is grateful for time in the fresh (and cooler) air.

or as David refers to them - "his beloved mountains"

Sci Fi Movies

What more is there to say? Sci Fi movies are the best ;) 

David loves sci fi - kristina loves david (aka kristina gets dragged to lots of sci fi movies)

Our Kids

By far our greatest accomplishment and joy is the four boys God gave us. While parenting is far from easy, its a source of great joy. We are thankful for our family and love every moment we have with them (well almost every moment).

We have been blessed with four amazing boys (more accurately, young men)

 The Trinity Experience

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We believe in getting to know our couples and feel that by doing so we are able to craft a wedding day film that reflects not only the emotions of the day. but the personalities of the couple. If you are looking for an incredible wedding film that does your wedding justice, no one will care more about your memories than we do.